Free Drum Secrets Video Lesson:

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What's in the App, Sam?

  • - Bad Habits? Technique Issues? Get them sorted out once and for all!
  • - Understand how easily the complicated stuff can be made effortless.
  • - You know you could be SO much better... if only you knew the Pro's Secrets.
Drum secrets gives you all this - and more!

Drum Secrets contains:

  • 10 videos, professionally presented, giving expert demonstrations of the topics covered in a friendly and entertaining way.
  • PDF files supporting the videos (and giving extra secrets away) for you to download and keep. Even if you can't read music yet, there is a wealth of valuable info here.
  • Extended Mp3 files of all the backing tracks, plus extra versions at different speeds. Makes learning fun and easy!
The Topics Covered:
  • - Become a Jazz Drum-God with just three notes!
  • - Use combinations of simple things and Sound Awesome: Coordination
  • - You'll Discover the hidden Funkiness of Rudiments!
  • Increase Stamina and comfort: Posture, Kit Set-up, Bass Drum Technique
  • The BIG secret to learning how to keep time!
  • Develop Speed and Strength: Stick Technique, Grip, Dynamic Control
  • Learn The Rudiment that CHANGES LIVES!
  • Fills Fills Fills!
  • MEGGA-triplets! (And how to learn them!)
  • Subtle use of MEGGA-triplets! (Yes, it can be done!)
  • The Secret to developing fast bass drum doubles
  • The Samba that teaches you a lot more than Samba!
  • Music came First - not the Paradiddle!
  • Awesome flam routines in three simple steps.
  • ...Then the REAL secrets! Sorry - not telling till you buy the app!

Mattsticks: Brilliant - 16 May 2011
Sam has improved the drumming world with this app. Easily accessible, seamless approach to giving a lesson on core topics that you can revisit again and again. The accompaniment of PDFs and play-along tracks are invaluable. I was having issues with timing and Sam's recommended technique accompanied by the play-along is the best remedy I have found. A must have App for ANY drummer. If you were to calculate the cost of these lessons you would be well over $200...$2.99...yours, with updates forever !

Tom H: Fantastic June 2011
It's good to see a musical app in which time and effort has been put in to make it an actual enjoyable experience rather than a standard 'note dictionary' you see elsewhere. Excellent explanation for beginners and advanced players will find them handy too; particularly the later exercises. Overall a great musical package that I will recommend to all my drummer friends. Great value too!

M.W.Drums: Outstanding! - 30 May 2011 ANY serious drummer should have this app. There is something in it for everyone, beginners to seasoned pros. Sam has lovely way of delivering each lesson and the chops to demonstrate it. Can't wait for part 2!!